AM Radio Broadcast

AM radio broadcast is one of the basic types of radio broadcasting. AM simply refers to amplitude modulations. In other words, it is just the process of radio broadcasting with the use of amplitude modulations. In this article we will be sharing brief information on AM radio broadcast. So, read on to find out the basics as well as the advantages of AM radio broadcasting.

When we consider about AM radio broadcast, the AM radio technology is quite simpler in comparison to FM radio, DAB, satellite radio and HD radio. An AM receiver usually makes out or detects amplitude changes in the radio waves at a specific frequency. Then, it amplifies variations in the signal voltage to drive a loudspeaker. It has been revealed that in AM radio broadcast, the medium wave as well as short wave radio signals function in different manner during daytime as well as nighttime.

During day time, AM signals usually travels or moved by groundwave, which diffract around the curve of the earth covering a distance up to a few hundred miles from the signal transmitter. However, during nighttime, changes in the ionosphere causes or makes AM signals to move by skywave that enables AM radio stations to be heard much farther from their point of origin than is normal during the day. This results many broadcast stations to minimize their broadcasting power up to certain extent during nighttime or even to suspend broadcasting entirely during nighttime hours.

There are certain advantages of AM radio broadcast. One of the great advantages AM radio broadcasting is that that unsophisticated signal of AM can be easily detected with the help of a simple device or equipment. However, if the signal is strong, a power source is not even required. One of the other advantage of AM broadcasting is that it uses a narrower bandwidth when compare to FM. AM radio is broadcast on several frequency bands, Long wave - 148.5 kHz–283.5 kHz, Medium wave - 520 kHz–1,610 kHz and Short wave - 1.711 MHz–30.0 MHz The above given details on AM radio broadcast will let you gain a precise information on AM broadcasting.