Commercial Radio Broadcast

Commercial radio broadcast is a kind of radio broadcasting or programs on radio that are owned by private corporate media, opposing to state ownership. This commercial radio broadcasting is totally based on airing advertisements for profits. However, it is contrast to public media which avoid most or all paid advertising. In United States, there exist completely advertisement free commercial radios. Let’s gather brief information on commercial radio broadcast in the following article.

When we consider about commercial radio broadcast, it is often controversial for various reasons. One of the main reasons behind the controversial nature of commercial radio broadcast is the perceived lack of quality and risk in programming. However, there are also other main reasons behind the controversial nature of commercial radio broadcast. One of them also includes an excessively high ratio of advertising to program time. The other reason is the perceived failure to serve the local interest because of media consolidation.

As we move further with the details on commercial radio broadcast, we came to know that commercial radio broadcast is usually attacked for perceived homogeneity in programming. It is also attacked for secret politicized censorship of content, as well as desire to reduce costs at the disbursal of giving the station a recognizable personality. Another point to consider in commercial radio broadcast is politics, as we know politics is a major and driving force in media criticism, with an ongoing battle particularly in US as to what moral standards, if any, are to be applied to the airwaves.

In United States, commercial radio broadcast is one of the dominant kinds of broadcasting. When consider about Europe, commercial radio broadcasting or commercial TV broadcasting is generally coexisted alongside with public broadcasting, where programming is hugely funded by broadcast receiver licenses, public donations, or governments’ grants. In case of Asia, one of the best well known commercial broadcasting or services was the oldest radio station in the region, Radio Ceylon.