Other Types Of Radio Broadcast

As we know there are basically two types of radio broadcasting which includes AM and FM. Apart from AM and FM broadcast there are also other types of radio broadcast. The other several subtypes include commercial, public as well as nonprofit varieties. Besides these, there are also student-run campus radio and hospital radio that can be found throughout the developed world. Let’s know in brief about the other types of radio broadcasting in the following article.

HD radio – HD radio is one of the relatively new forms and other types of radio broadcasting. This type of radio broadcasting offers AM and FM stations, in fact stations are able to broadcast a digital radio signal or they may select to broadcast a hybrid (simulcast) of both digital as well as analog versions of their radio signal. You will get better quality of music in this type of radio broadcasting. The music improves since transmission becomes digital and thus the sound clears up as well as becomes high definition to the ears.

There are certain good thing about the HD radio, the sound in HD radio is much better in comparison to standard radio. As a matter of fact, HD AM sounds almost as good as FM radio, & FM sounds almost as bright, clear and clean.

Satellite radio – The other kinds of radio broadcast also include satellite radio. This type of radio broadcast is digital, but in spite of broadcasting through antenna, satellite radio is broadcast via a communications satellite that gives it a wider broadcast range. Satellite radio has a variety of broadcasting channels that air commercial-free music. Even FCC doesn’t regulate these channels. However, the variety of channels that are available to listeners continues to be a key factor in subscriptions for both XM & Sirius. Some of the most well known satellite channels are talk & entertainment programs, these channels are available uncensored to listeners. The article above briefly describes about the other types of radio broadcast that you need to get familiar with.