Types Of Radio Broadcast

There are mainly two types of radio broadcast. The two types of radio broadcasting includes AM and FM. Both AM and FM basically denotes which type of modulation was used to produce a radio signal. Let’s gather precise information on these two basic types of radio broadcast.

Given below is the detail information on AM and FM radio broadcasting:

AM broadcasting – AM is one of the two kinds of radio broadcast. AM stands for amplitude modulation. Different countries outside U.S utilizes almost equal frequency band for AM transmission. However, European countries also use the long wave band. Regarding the advantages of AM broadcasting, AM’s unsophisticated signal can be easily detected with simple device or equipment. If the signal is strong, a power source is not even required. One of the other advantage of AM broadcasting is that it uses a narrower bandwidth when compare to FM.

FM broadcasting – The other different radio broadcast is FM broadcasting. FM usually denotes frequency modulation. This frequency modulation usually takes place on VHF airwaves in a frequency range of 88 to 108 around the world except Japan and Russia. FM stations are quite popular especially in economically developed areas including Europe and US since higher sound fidelity as well as stereo broadcasting became common in this format. For accommodating an audio signal, it doesn’t require 200 kHz, all it requires is 20 kHz to 30khz.

Apart from the AM broadcasting and FM broadcasting, there are also other types of radio broadcast. The other several subtypes include commercial, public as well as nonprofit varieties. Besides these, there are also student-run campus radio and hospital radio that can be found throughout the developed world. HD radio and satellite radio are both relatively new forms of radio broadcasting. With HD radio, radio stations are able to broadcast a digital radio signal; or they may choose to broadcast a hybrid (simulcast) of both digital and analog versions of their radio signal. Satellite radio is also digital. But instead of being broadcast by antenna, satellite radio is broadcast through a communications satellite that gives it a wider broadcast range.