Pirate Radio Broadcast

When we say pirate radio broadcast, it simply refers to illegal as well as unregulated radio transmission. The etymology of pirate radio broadcasting can usually be pursued to the unlicensed nature of transmission. The term pirate radio simply refers to describing illegal broadcasting for entertainment as well as political purposes. However, it is also sometimes used for illegal two- way radio operation. Let’s gather brief information on pirate radio broadcast in the given article.

As mentioned above, pirate radio is often used for illegal two-way radio operation; basically the rules and regulations will differ widely from one country to another. For instance, in United States and many of the countries in Europe, there exist many kinds of licenses. And the term pirate radio broadcasting or pirate radio usually describes the unlicensed broadcasting of FM radio, AM radio or else short wave signals over a wide range. Read on to get more details on pirate radio broadcast.

Considering further about pirate radio broadcast, there are some cases that radio stations are deemed legal where the signal is transmitted but illegal where signals are received particularly when the signals move beyond the national boundary. In some other cases, radio broadcasting may be regarded as pirate radio broadcast because of the nature of its content, its format of transmission or the transmit power of the station even if the transmission is technically legal including web cast or amateur radio transmission.

Pirate radio stations are often termed as bootleg stations, this term is basically associated with two-way radio. Moreover, pirate radio stations are also sometimes known as clandestine stations or Free Radio stations. The interpretation of the pirate radio broadcast varies considerably since the laws and regulations vary from one country to another country. Different questions have been raised regarding certain kinds of broadcasting carried out by national governments against the interests of other national governments, which have in turn created radio jamming stations transmitting noises on the same frequency for destroying the received of the incoming signal.